Services for Musicians

MixMatchMusic was founded to serve the needs of millions of musicians. Our technology-based products and services help musicians interact with fans in order to convert casual music fans into loyal fans, and loyal fans into paying customers. MixMatchMusic's easy-to-use tools give all musicians the ability to engage fans through custom mobile applications, remix and music collaboration promotions, and viral music promotions across the social web.

It's in our DNA

MixMatchMusic is the evolution of an idea -- we set out to solve a problem we faced ourselves. Once we set about satisfying our own requirements, it was a natural next step to extend the solution to others.

Get Connected

MixMatchMusic has created tools that musicians and fans want and need in order to create the deep and lasting connections that build loyal audiences and enable musicians to profit from their music. These highly interactive tools enable musicians to constantly interact with through custom, mobile applications; engage fans creatively through remix contests and collaboration promotions that enable any fan with an internet connection to participate in the creative process; and virally promote their music on Twitter and other social networks.

Why Should I Care?

More than nine million musicians are trying to connect with more than 200 million music fans, according to some estimates. The huge numbers alone would suggest the odds are in their favor. Yet the channels musicians have traditionally relied upon to get their music discovered, promoted and sold are increasingly irrelevant and as a result, musicians are increasingly on their own, without labels, record stores or radio to help them. The artist's challenge is to convert casual fans into loyal fans, and loyal fans into paying customers. The modern music fan has changed, and getting music discovered is no longer enough. Musicians have to engage and involve casual listeners in order to build deep and lasting connections with them, and to convert them to loyal fans. These connections are what drive sales of the concert tickets, band merchandise and CDs artists need to pay the rent and put gas in the van.

The Details

  1. MobBase is a service for musicians that makes it easy for them to create, launch and manage their own, custom iPhone applications. MobBase is a low cost way for musicians to share music, photos, videos, tweets, news, information about shows, merchandise and other content with fans on their mobile devices. MobBase is built on an advanced content management system that makes it easy to add, manage and update content in real-time.
  2. The MixMatchMusic Community is a dynamic music creation community that promotes collaboration between artists and fans. The Community features an online music sequencer, called the MixMaker, highly effective social media tools that promote collaboration, and a marketplace where fans go to find new music, stems, and musical ideas, and where the artists who have created them get paid.