MixMatchMusic: Your connection to a $47 billion music market

All that about music having charms to sooth a savage beast and such is true. But more than the universal appeal of music, it is also part of the connective tissue that binds people, and generations, together.

Massive sums of money - upwards of $47 billion - are spent each year on recorded music, concerts and music instruments. Younger people represent an especially big chunk of those dollars.

It's not a coincidence that they are among the hardest groups to reach.

MixMatchMusic is a Millennial Marketing Machine

Millennials are about lots of things but few more than interaction and engagement. MixMatchMusic provides a means for Millennials to discover the new music they favor and experience it in new ways - through interactive mobile applications remix and music collaboration promotions, and by sharing music virally on Twitter and other social platforms.


We've created a quick and easy way for artists and music companies to create, launch and manage their own, custom iPhone applications. MobBase is the low cost way for musicians to share music, photos, videos, tweets, news, information about shows, merchandise, and other content with fans on their mobile devices. Find out how to sponsor a MobBase app, or join our affiliate program!

the MixMatchMusic Community

We've created a dynamic community of artists and fans that meet at the music. Artists tap into the community for sounds and songs to complement their own work. Fans cruise around discovering new artists and sounds, interacting with both. It's a place to connect your brand with artists and fans.

the MixMaker

The MixMaker is our audio sequencer and editing tool that powers the MixMatchMusic Community. It combines the power of a professional Digital Audio Workstation music sequencer with intuitive UI and ease of use that makes it accessible to the masses. It promotes collaboration among and experimentation by artists, and even by casual fans who have no musical skills. It's a place to connect your brand with both.

Music engagement is the new new thing

MixMatchMusic has aggregated artists and fans and is deepening the connections that unite them. We've created tools that promote involvement and engagement, some of which could live on your sites and in your customer's pockets. Let's talk advertising, event, on and offline promotion.

the Company

MixMatchMusic is a unique company located at the intersection of music, technology, and social media. We have everything you need to connect your brand with musicians and fans.

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