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MobBase Round-Up: 34 iPhone Apps Now Live!

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It’s been a busy few days for MixMatchMusic, as 34 MobBase iPhone apps are now live in iTunes! The apps turned out rather pretty, and they include a lot of great content that covers a wide variety of genres and styles. More importantly, artists will be updating their apps using the MobBase dashboard, so things will be kept super fresh! So what are you waiting for? Visit iTunes or check out the list below to download your favorite artists’ MobBase app!

Ioda Promonet:
Rx Bandits:
Greg Laswell:
the Jacka:
Easy Star All Stars:
Town Thizzness:
Silverback Artist Management/Controlled Substance Sound Labs:
Killer Mike:
Shanghai Restoration Project:
Jennie Laws:
Throw Me the Statue:
Black Gold:
The Blakes:
Big Light:
Enzyme Dynamite:
Eoin Harrington:
El Desayuno:
Life Love Misery:
Kent Welton:
The High Five Revival:
The Sleeping:
Wink Sound:
Joey Lenze:
Street Credit:
Roy Tal Music:
Kick Drum Decade Improv:
My Boxing Fans:
Home Spa Goddess:

SF MusicTech Summit 5: Google Music, API Aficionados, and Pandorable Cars

SF MusicTech has come a long way since its inception less than two years ago. It’s kind of a big deal now – even Google was there this time. The media has become increasingly interested in the discussions happening at SFMT since they happen, you know, at the bleeding edge of music/tech. Naturally, SFMT founder – the ineffable Brian Zisk – is more than happy to chat with the cameras. You can truly see the passion in his eyes and hear it in his voice. This guy is the personification of music/tech.

If you’re new to Evolving Music or SFMT you might want to read our reviews of the previous four summits below for some context.

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Google’s involvement this time around could be the harbinger of a new chapter in the music/tech saga. With their recent foray into music search, Google has presented the confused and conflicted music industry with a powerful new ally. While their new service is definitely still bumbling about in the dirty diapers of its infancy, it’s clear that Google has grand plans for it. At the summit, they emphasized a “search-driven, partner-delivered” strategy.

Another theme, especially among the geekier of the attendees, was that APIs can set you free. Not only do APIs enable the ever-increasing plethora of clever mashups out there (e.g. JamBase + iTunes music library = iConcertCal) to be born, but ultimately they help blur the line between content and context and serve up what the end-user has (knowingly or unknowingly) wanted all along: cool ways to experience music.

Whereas social media was a big talking point at past summits, it seems now to be a foregone conclusion. It’s not about convincing music people they need to use social media. Everyone pretty much gets that now. And if they don’t… well, “If your label and your manager don’t get digital or social media, FIRE them,” was one way to put it. Here’s another savvy social media quote overheard by the Hypebot folks: “Facebook doesn’t need a music strategy, music needs a Facebook strategy.”

The always cool Pandora admitted to working on what will hopefully be built-in Pandora capability in cars. Plenty of auto makers already offer built-in iPod adaptors. Why not built-in Pandora?

In addition to Google, a host of other cool sponsors were to thank for SFMT #5. Of note: Heatwave Interactive, which is seeking to “fundamentally revolutionize the entertainment landscape by creating innovative cross-media properties for gaming, film, music and television,” the web domain extension dotMusic, which is exactly what it sounds like, and Collecta, which offers real-time search through popular blogs and social media.

Once again, the SanFran MusicTech Summit brought together the thought leaders of music, tech, and that living breathing intersection of the two for hours of heated debate, deal-making, and good vibing. One can only wonder what cool new ideas and companies will be born as a result of conversations had and relationships built that day.

FREE Holidaze Joints From Slightly Stoopid, Load Up & Pass it On


Slightly Stoopid is giving away 7 of their classic joints this holidaze season. Included is the Stoned Saga, a four-track journey from The Longest Barrel Ride released as a one-track epic. Get involved and don’t forget to pass this joint along!!

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Slightly Stoopid:

Remix Inspired Flight


Inspired Flight. This band has a sound that is hard to describe. And yet, looking at the artists they list as influences on their MySpace page, their sound just makes sense. They’ve really learned how to incorporate some of the subtle and intangible things that make those musicians great musicians.

Their bio says it well. “Rooted in hip-hop and dipping into elements of indie rock, downtempo, dub and dance, Inspired Flight is taking your pre-conceived notion of what a band and DJ are and merging them into something new and quite hypnotizing.” Though their sound clearly incorporates a myriad of different elements, including vocals, keyboards, other exotic instruments, and laptops, this band is made up of just two people –  master turntablist, OpenOptics, and accomplished guitarist/songwriter, Chavez. To learn a little more about their respective musical backgrounds and inspiration, click here.

The duo wants you to join their remix contest, powered by MixMatchMusic. Go on. Have a long hard listen to their song, “It Always Takes,” feel it, breath it, internalize it. (This, by the way, is easy to do because the song is beautiful. It has a haunting melody and something generally mesmerizing about it.) Then, take it apart and re-envision it as your own. Add, subtract, multiply, magnify, simplify, or otherwise modify the song to your liking.

To do so, you can download the stems (for free) and use your own software to remix them, OR if you want to keep things even simpler, click on the MixMaker button and make your mix online. Most importantly, UPLOAD your remix so that you can get credit for your masterpiece! Other people can listen to it, vote on it and share it.

This remix contest runs until January 31st, 2010 and Inspired Flight will choose their favorite submission. The lucky winner will be the featured bonus track on their album, coming in March 2010. Nice! Oh ya, and you’ll also get a limited edition T-shirt and poster, as well as an Eyeball HD Webcam from Blue Microphones. Read the complete contest rules here.

Go. Be inspired!