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Freematik Creates an Album Using Only His iPhone

Tom Freeman, a Bay Area rap and hip-hop producer and artist known as Freematik, decided to make some music on the road – using only his iPhone. What started out as a fun side project turned into an entire album full of psychedelic hip-hop and electronic music. This concept album is the first of its kind.
According to Freematik, “iMatik is a fresh DJ mixtape full of phat beats, DJ scratching, live synths and all types of crazy sounds, made using only an iPhone. Everything was made using apps available from the iTunes app store, such as Beatmaker, iDrum, FlareJasuto, etc. The parts were programmed over the course of a few months, in places including hotels, motels, the beach, bars, and anywhere else you would bring a phone.
Freematik works with underground rap artists primarily and his influence can be heard on a number of their mixtapes as well as in local bars and clubs. He produces his own albums as well. Like his style? Like him on Facebook. And follow him on Twitter.
In their review of iMatik, Big Beef and Beer says the album “is filled with ethereal and ambient tones over strong synthetic beats with lots of vocal samples… [which] are interesting, cool, and sometimes funny.” Samples include lines like “fuck you, donuts are awesome!” They go on to point out that iMatik is more of a proof of concept album than anything. Though Freematik is the first to have gone down this path, surely others will follow.

Dredg Announces Remix Contest Winners

After weeks of careful deliberation, dredg has selected the winners of the remix contest they ran with MixMatchMusic. Back in February, dredg asked fans to remix “Gathering Pebbles” and gave them two months to get busy. Out of 39 amazing submissions, dredg has picked Albino 9 as the Grand Prize winner! The remix featured a masterful layering of big beat drums cut up and mixed with synths to give the song a great industrial electronic edge.  In addition to getting a bunch of cool dredg schwag, Albino 9’s remix will be officially released by dredg on iTunes and Albino 9  will be granted a royalty percentage.

Dredg also selected two runner up winners — Al the Pal, for his “SlowMo” remix, and Syte for his drum and bass rework of the song. They will both receive a bundle package that includes a signed The Pariah, The Parrot, The Delusion CD, a t-shirt and a pair of tickets to a dredg show of their choice. Thank you to everyone that participated and congrats to the winners!!

Listen to the winning remixes:

Listen to all the remixes submitted:

Build Your Fanbase Through The Niche Music System

As the music industry continues to evolve, artists are presented with more and more great options for marketing and distributing their music online and through mobile devices. This abundance of choice has left many artists, managers and labels confused as to how to navigate these digital waters, and use digital tools together with classic strategies (like playing shows and selling merch) to succeed.  Direct-to-fan campaigns are a big part of the new model, but before you can effectively engage in these strategies, you need to have a core group of fans that you can actually market to. It’s the classic get 1000 true fans and you will succeed concept, and while you don’t need 1000 fans right away, you do need at least a small group of loyal fans before direct-to-fan activities become viable.

Enter the Niche Music System. Created by Hagop Tchaparian, the Niche Music System is a strategy designed to help you succeed in the music business through the leveraging of music niches. The idea is to carve a small, local niche for your music in order build initial traction and then promote and rise up through that niche to grow and widen your reach. The logic behind this is that for every niche, there is already an existing audience that is pre-exposed to the sound of that niche. So while you may need to tweak your sound to fit into a specific niche, the Niche Music System provides you with a much easier way to build an initial following.

Hagop initially created the system to mirror the processes his own band (Symposium) went through to gain attention, build a core following, play for more people and make more money. Subsequently, he helped implement a similar system in his work with English electronic artist Hot Chip (pictured below) to help them build early traction, rise through their niche and ultimately get signed by DFA/EMI.

The Niche Music System has now been turned into a 12 week video/audio/PDF course designed to help you get people to care about your music and come out of obscurity.  For a great intro to the course, you should take the time to check out the video below. While the course is normally $47/month (for three months),  because you are an Evolving Music reader, you can get it for $27/month! To sign up and receive the discount, click here.

MobBase Growing 100 Percent A Month With 200+ iPhone Apps Released

MobBase grew explosively throughout the first quarter of 2010, doubling the number of iPhone apps released each month, month-over-month.   The steep sales ramp is proving the market for iPhone applications that connect musicians with fans. MobBase is the new service that makes it easy for musicians, record labels, recording studios, radio stations, music festivals and others involved in the music business to create, launch and manage their own, custom iPhone application.
“We’re seeing the proverbial hockey stick sales curve,” said Charles Feinn, CEO and co-founder of MixMatchMusic, MobBase’s developer.  “We’re delighted MobBase is taking flight.  We’re also excited that we’re helping shape the way artists and the music industry use mobile applications to connect with fans, build careers and audiences.”
MobBase launched in November 2009, releasing its first 50 apps in 90 days.  Since then it has doubled the number of apps released every month, reaching the 100 milestone in March 2010 and 200 in April 2010.
“The majority of our music is being spread by our fans,” said Eric Rachmany, guitarist and lead vocalist of Rebelution. “Our MobBase app gives them the opportunity to have everything Rebelution in the palm of their hands at all times, to project to whomever and whenever they feel. It’s a great marketing tool.”
MobBase is a low cost way for musicians to create a mobile app and share music, photos, videos, tweets, news, information about shows, merchandise and other content with fans on their mobile devices. MobBase apps are priced for starving artists and also artists who remember what it is like to starve, with many artists paying as little as $0.50 a day for their own custom iPhone app.
MobBase apps are being used by artists as diverse as Pepper, Veronica Ballestrini, Jump Smokers, and Iration, and also by labels such as Controlled Substance Sound Labs/Silverback Artist Management and Town Thizzness. The Showtime network’s Nurse Jackie television series has its own MobBase app for the show’s soundtrack, as does the Sound Healing yoga audio companion.
Additionally, radio and music discovery pioneers including IODA Promonet, House Music Channel and Flawless Radio have made MobBase their preferred way to connect with fans on their mobile devices. And music industry blogs and media such as Indie Music Tech, Remix Comps and Wink Sound rely on MobBase apps to extend their reach and impact.

DJ Neekola, New MobBase Artist with New Music

Check out one of the newer artists on the MobBase scene, DJ Neekola from Washington, DC…. she’s hot!

Born in New York and educated in Virginia, Neekola currently resides in Washington DC where she works as a full time international DJ. Inspired by her parents musical talents, Neekola has been involved in music since childhood. The early years were spent in rock bands as a lead singer, keyboard player and songwriter. However, upon moving to Germany in 1997, Neekola was introduced to her soulmate, electronic dance music. She spent so much of her time dancing in the nightclubs within Europe. It was during this time she was inspired to pursue music production. After having a bit of trouble, she was advised by her mentors in the industry that she should first learn to DJ, and then her production skills would come naturally soon after. So she headed on out to NYC’s Scratch Academy, learned the basic skills, acquired her own turntable setup, and then her life changed forever…

Check out Neekola’s app and new song, “Don’t Live for the Moment.”

Don’t Live for the Moment – ORIGINAL by Neekola
Don’t Live for the Moment – ORIGINAL by Neekola

Neekola built her app using MixMatchMusic’s new DIY app building platform, MobBase, which makes it easy for musicians, music companies and music blogs to build a mobile app for as little as $0.50 a day. And because MobBase enables us to update the app’s content and design whenever we want, be sure to check the app often because we’ll be keeping things fresh. Ya dig?