This blog is a collaboration of people, all of whom are in one way or another connected to MixMatchMusic. Each contributor brings their own unique flavor and background to the mix, whether it be an insatiable curiosity about emerging technology, in-depth musical knowledge, or what have you. See below for more info on each of us:

Sandra Possing
Sandra is the Director of Communications at MixMatchMusic, Ltd. She was born in Scandinavia (where her family still resides), but raised in LA, where she later studied at UCLA. The plentitude of nerdy and creative types there helped fuel her affinity for smart people and all things music- and tech-related, which led to her first job at a startup. After college, she dabbled in various grown up, corporate type jobs before settling back into the much more exciting world of startups. Here, she uncovered a growing passion for writing and social media (follow her on Twitter!). On the side, she enjoys bartending and singing in a local a cappella group. Other interests include dancing, wakeboarding, traveling, and speaking foreign languages (she is fluent in Swedish and Italian and likes to fake her way through basic conversations in Danish, Spanish, French and sometimes Japanese). Click here to contact her.

Is a California son raised on the milk of musical genres. Following a formal and exceedingly expensive education, he has settled into the roll of a worker bee, although he refuses to give any of his honey to the queen bees of the world. Now he’s confused as to why he’s writing in the third person and mixing metaphors about milk and honey, when really it should be manna. He spends his free time listening to music, playing ultimate frisbee, dancing in the street, and looking for new and increasingly questionable ways of amusing himself. If you’re looking to spend some quality email time with this guy, you can find him here.

Alan Khalfin
Part music-tech start-up geek, part mischievous youth, part music attorney, Alan Khalfin operates out of a garage in the bay area, together with his cohorts at MixMatchMusic. He is a founder and CFO/Director of Business Development of MixMatchMusic/MobBase. He is also a musician, whose music can be heard here and here. He plays drums, keys, guitar, and sings. At one point, he was a radio DJ on 103.3 FM (KSCU-San Jose), spinning an indie-electronic show and a jazz/world show. Email Alan here; follow him on Twitter; or come say hello on Facebook.

Jordan Harband
Jordan is a founder of and full time developer for MixMatchMusic, Ltd, as well as a part time independent consultant (think Geek Squad), and a summer school teacher and year-round part time IT support tech for Crystal Springs Uplands School. He likes to ski in the winter, wakeboard in the summer, play Xbox 360 on the weekends, and go out on the town at nights. He likes to rant and has an opinion on everything, so if you want to engage him in a productive yet endless debate, shout at him here.

Lisa Greenfield aka LG
Lisa is the International Marketing Director of MixMatchMusic, Ltd. This active rock chick grew up in beautiful Los Gatos, CA, went to SJSU and GW for undergrad, played college Water Polo for 5 years and had several shows on both campus radio stations. This upbringing ultimately fueled her mean passion for music which blossomed into the career it is today. She has been living and working in the music and entertainment industry Washington, DC since 2000 and LOVES it. She may be 3,000 miles from the MixMatchMusic freaks but it’s obvious that she can’t get enough of them. About once a month she usually ends up in the office to catch up and mix some jams that Alan is a BIG fan of. Ok, he’s so not. Email Lisa here.

Duane Nickull
Duane is a board member of MixMatchMusic, Ltd. and a founder of (acquired by MixMatchMusic in 2009). By day, he is the Senior Technical Evangelist for Adobe Systems and hosts Duane’s World for AdobeTV. By night, Duane is a musician and plays in Vancouver-based band 22nd Century. Previously Duane co-founded Yellow Dragon Software Corporation, a privately held developer of XML messaging and metadata management software,  acquired by Adobe in 2003. He also served as CTO and President of XML Global Technologies, a publicly traded company acquired by Xenos Group in early 2003. Read Duane’s blog here, and email him here.

Tina Cuevas
Tina is a Bay Area suburban warrior raised on classic rock and boomerang cartoons. During her teens she found her love for the American Hardcore movement and became obsessed with punk and the local music scene.  Currently you can find her roaming the streets of San Francisco and taking pictures
of anything that catches her eyes, especially if it is music related. She loves most music and enjoys discovering types she doesn’t know about, at the moment she is currently obsessed with the Hardcore/Pop-Punk scene.  She also enjoys preparing for the zombie apocalypse on a regular basis. You can follow her daily adventures on her twitter and contact her anytime.

Lucy Muscarella
Lucy is an intern with MixMatchMusic, Ltd., primarily helping to add more album reviews and artist profiles to Evolving Music. Raised hunting through garage sales and thrift shops to grow her father’s expansive record collection, Lucy grew up surrounded by music and continues to have a passion for all things musical.Originally from San Diego, Lucy is new to the Bay Area and excited for everything NorCal has to offer. During the school year she attends Boston College, where she hosts a radio show for WVBC Newton. She primarily listens to indie rock, but her tastes run the gamut of musical genres.