MobBase Growing 100 Percent A Month With 200+ iPhone Apps Released

MobBase grew explosively throughout the first quarter of 2010, doubling the number of iPhone apps released each month, month-over-month.   The steep sales ramp is proving the market for iPhone applications that connect musicians with fans. MobBase is the new service that makes it easy for musicians, record labels, recording studios, radio stations, music festivals and others involved in the music business to create, launch and manage their own, custom iPhone application.
“We’re seeing the proverbial hockey stick sales curve,” said Charles Feinn, CEO and co-founder of MixMatchMusic, MobBase’s developer.  “We’re delighted MobBase is taking flight.  We’re also excited that we’re helping shape the way artists and the music industry use mobile applications to connect with fans, build careers and audiences.”
MobBase launched in November 2009, releasing its first 50 apps in 90 days.  Since then it has doubled the number of apps released every month, reaching the 100 milestone in March 2010 and 200 in April 2010.
“The majority of our music is being spread by our fans,” said Eric Rachmany, guitarist and lead vocalist of Rebelution. “Our MobBase app gives them the opportunity to have everything Rebelution in the palm of their hands at all times, to project to whomever and whenever they feel. It’s a great marketing tool.”
MobBase is a low cost way for musicians to create a mobile app and share music, photos, videos, tweets, news, information about shows, merchandise and other content with fans on their mobile devices. MobBase apps are priced for starving artists and also artists who remember what it is like to starve, with many artists paying as little as $0.50 a day for their own custom iPhone app.
MobBase apps are being used by artists as diverse as Pepper, Veronica Ballestrini, Jump Smokers, and Iration, and also by labels such as Controlled Substance Sound Labs/Silverback Artist Management and Town Thizzness. The Showtime network’s Nurse Jackie television series has its own MobBase app for the show’s soundtrack, as does the Sound Healing yoga audio companion.
Additionally, radio and music discovery pioneers including IODA Promonet, House Music Channel and Flawless Radio have made MobBase their preferred way to connect with fans on their mobile devices. And music industry blogs and media such as Indie Music Tech, Remix Comps and Wink Sound rely on MobBase apps to extend their reach and impact.

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