Root Music: BandPages on Facebook

Remember when the tables turned and MySpace went from being the coolest social networking site around to a shady place for scantily-clad teens in questionable photos and, well… musicians? Despite the seizure-inducing animated gifs and glittering madness that came with the pimp-your-profile craze, MySpace somehow still maintained its role as THE place for musicians. Your band maybe had its own website if, you know, it was all fancy and stuff. But your band definitely had a MySpace page!

Then Facebook came along and soothed us with its minimalist design and all its tangible real-world benefits, and rocked our collective worlds. And yet, the musician was always left to fend for him or herself.

Enter Root Music. Musicians now FINALLY have a home on Facebook. This clever little San Francisco-based startup has created a way for musicians to share their stuff right from within Facebook. The BandPage is a tab just like your photos, info, or wall tabs. While they browse your page, fans can listen to your music from the embedded SoundCloud player. Want to place a banner on your page? Easy! Just upload the picture you want to use. No need to create a custom one. Every section of the BandPage is easily editable. Just drop, drag, and customize as you wish.

What you end up with is a sexy place within your Facebook profile, which you already use and people are already looking at, to share all your stuff (info, photos, shows, twitter feed and much much more) with your fans. In the place where they are already hanging out! It’s an elegant solution to an obvious problem, and Root Music has done it with aplomb. Once you setup your Root Music Bandpage on Facebook, be sure to set it as the default landing page so that it’s the first thing fans see!

5 Responses to “Root Music: BandPages on Facebook”

  1. 1 SocialSoundSystem

    Yup… Already on it:

    They are going to be integrating Flickr photos and YouTube accounts soon as well. A little birdy also told me something else but I can’t disclose it at this moment…

  2. 2 zashime

    Just like Reverbnation, but I think I’ll love this one…

  3. 3 Alan Khalfin

    Ya it’s really awesome. Way better than the RN solution for FB…

  4. 4 Bri

    I can’t seem to make Bandpage the default page for visitors

  5. 5 stanc

    @Bri you can change the default landing page under Settings in the Wall tab

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