The Black Seeds Remix Competition

Fans of many genres will be pleased to hear about the Black Seeds Remix Competition. The Black Seeds are among the many good things that come from New Zealand, other than Flight of the Conchords. (Actually Bret McKenzie is a former member of The Black Seeds.) The Black Seeds have teamed up with MixMatchMusic to host this competition, in which fans have the opportunity to remix two sick songs from the 2008 album Solid Ground: “Rotten Apple,” which “has all the thump of a vintage Parliament-Funkadelic jam” and “Strugglers,” a solid reggae tune that reminds us to help those less fortunate and not become complacent.

The winning remix will be featured on The Black Seed’s upcoming ‘Specials’ LP and the winner will receive 40% of profits from the use of the track!

How to participate?
1) Choose a song to remix
2) Download the song stems, its free and easy!
3) Create your remix using the stems and any additional music or beats that either you have created or have a creative commons license for. You can also make your mix online by clicking on the MixMaker button of the widget.
4) Upload an MP3 of your remix via the same widget you used to download the stems. Enter as many remixes as you like!
5) Share the track with your friends and ask them to comment, rate, playlist your mix and share it with their friends on twitter, Facebook, MySpace, and their blogs, etc.
6) Once you have finished and uploaded your remix, judges will select a winner for each track and one grand-prize winner!
7) Contest ends at 5pm Monday August 30th, 2010. More on the rules here.

The Black Seeds
The Black Seeds, who hail from Wellington, New Zealand, have a dubbed out reggae sound with hints of afrobeat and soul. Renowned for their powerful 8-piece live shows, the band has gained a following outside of their homeland, both in Europe and North America. Their particular brand of vintage roots reggae fused together seamlessly with big beat funk, dub, soul and other grooves vibes well with many audiences. Perhaps lead singer, Barnaby Weir (vocals/guitar), put it best when he said, “We sound like a sizzling BBQ, beside a vintage car, next to the beach on a summers day after a few beers pressed to vinyl.”

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