Pepper Launches Remix Contest for New Single

Over a year and a half ago, fans had a chance to remix Pepper’s “Freeze.” More than 50 great remixes were submitted, and the results were awesome. Sad you missed the opportunity? Think you can do better? Now you have your chance! Pepper has teamed up with MixMatchMusic to invite you to have a go at their new single, “Wake Up” from the forthcoming “Stiches” EP.

Pepper and Silverback will be hand-picking the winner who, in
addition to receiving a signed EP and lots of other goodies from Silverback and Law Records, will appear in a video explaining their inspiration. The winning remix itself will be featured on all of Pepper’s websites.

How to participate?
1) Download the song stems, its free and easy!
2) Create your remix using the stems and any additional music or beats that either you have created or have a creative commons license for. You can also make your mix online by clicking on the MixMaker button of the widget.
3) Upload an MP3 of your remix via the same widget you used to download the stems. Enter as many remixes as you like!
4) Share the track with your friends and ask them to comment, rate, playlist your mix and share it with their friends on Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, and their blogs, etc.
5) Contest ends at October 31th, 2010. Be sure to check out the official rules here before you dive into the creative process.

2 Responses to “Pepper Launches Remix Contest for New Single”

  1. 1 Trey Donson

    What’s happening ya’ll? I think it is great that Pepper & Law Records are giving their fans the opportunity to remix the bad ass jam “wake Up!” These guys really know the value of a fan base and are doing a great job keeping their fans involved. It is a great learning opportunity and will hopefully make the song have a little extra kick to the already great tune. I love peppers new sound and I hope to hear the rest of their EP soon. Peace!

  2. 2 Lightning EyeZ


    Just wondering who won this contest? Eye have tried emailing the people involved, checked back here everyday since november 1 – and still nothing … has anyone heard anything? Just really want to know – my fans REALLY REALLY want my remix of the song and its been over a month now.

    Lightning EyeZ

    PS. Check out the link for my remix here:

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