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Mobile Year in Review 2012

Our friends at iStrategy Labs in Washington, DC created this very cool, eye opening video, on the growth of the mobile industry in 2012 for their friends at mobilefuture.org. Take a look…

We keep saying, mobile is the future. Clearly, mobile is the present!!


Find Live Music on the Go

For a while now, there have been websites out there that help you find live shows, such as GigLocator. Naturally, given the rampant growth in the mobile application space, there are iPhone apps popping up that do the same. Let’s have a look.

There is JamBase, one of the leading sources of live music and concert information. They’ve been around since 1998 and were quick to jump on the iPhone opportunity. Currently they are on V2 of their app. With their app you can find live shows in your area (with the built in GPS, of course), obsess over your favorite musicians on their artist pages, and get totally dialed in by checking out the event pages that are equipped with maps, ticket info, and lineups.

GigMap, a free service that helps both musicians and music venues communicate their upcoming gigs, is actually a “mashup of Google Maps, Twitter and music community Tribe of Noise, which they launched together with Layar. Read more here. Though not the sleekest looking website in the world, the features are pretty sweet. Their mobile app is both iPhone and Android compatible.

And then there’s Beck’s (yes, the beer) GigFinder. Similar to the above example (why reinvent the wheel when you can just make a mashup using existing applications or services…) GigFinder uses Last.fm‘s database along with Google Maps. Watch the video below for more info:

iLike has entered the race with their aptly named Local Concerts app. One advantage here, for current iLike members, is that you can browse local concerts personalized to your music library. You can also buy tickets directly in the app or get directions to the show.

Lastly, we have onseeker music, with a lot of the same features as the apps listed above including GPS-based search, directions, etc. You can give feedback to the artists and venues, which is cool. For the anti-iPhone crowd, they’ve got versions coming for Android, WebOS, Blackberry, and more.

So, there you have it. Pick an app that works for you, fire up your GPS and never again wander the streets wondering where to find live music.

Twitter's New Theme Song: "Follow Me"

I am blatantly stealing this from Boothism cause it’s so classic. (Thanks, Kwan!) Check out his blog. He’s got a lot of cool stuff going on and he’s a great writer.

Whether you’re part of the Twitterati (if you are, you better be following us) or not, you can probably appreciate the suggestion that this become Twitter’s theme song. (Or Barack Obama’s theme song, as ajcgn suggested.) Old school house by Aly Us. Anybody know what year this is from?

Tra.kz Artist Spotlight: Junior Reid (Never Let You Go)

Junior Reid

Hailing from Jamaica’s tough West Kingston Waterhouse district, Junior Reid has been a mainstay of reggae and dance hall music since the 70’s. Junior may be best known as the lead vocalist of Black Uhuru, taking over for Michael Rose in 1985; but in the last few years, he has been infiltrating the hip hop scene. Samples of Junior’s best known hit, “One Blood,” have appeared on the Wu-Tang Clan‘s 2000 album The W, and in The Game’s song “It’s Okay (One Blood).” Junior has also collaborated with Mims to create a remix of his hit “This Is Why I’m Hot.”

Junior’s latest solo album, Living Legend is set to be released October 27th of this year, on Bay Area’s ABB Records. To give you a little taste, he has made his new single, “Never Let You Go,” available through Tra.kz for you to listen to, download and share! After you’ve listened to it, be sure to say hello to Junior on Twitter.

Music, Sports, Respect

While sports have always had a natural relationship to music (the organ playing during baseball games, the heart-pumping dance music in aerobics class, the Rocky theme song…), there seems to be a new trend emerging of combining music and athletic events. For example, there’s the Wanderlust Festival, coming up in July, which combines Rock ‘n’ Roll and yoga. This past weekend was the Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon. Somehow, fitness and music just go hand in hand. They both promote well-being and community. They bring us together to celebrate the human condition.

Today, thanks to lots of Twitter buzz, you may have noticed that it’s National Running Day… And, incidentally, National Fist Bump Day, which is all about “knockin’ knuckles for knchange.” It might just be the next great American holiday. Wondering about the origin of the First Bump? See below:

We can still give Obama most of the credit though…

In honor of National Running Day, get out there and go for a run today (even a jog around the block) to show your support for building a healthier, happier world. A world filled with music, sports, and respect.

Regular running too boring for you? Ever heard of free running? Here’s a good example:

Respek! (Thanks, Ali G.)